Stanley Angus

Searching for the best Ob/Gyn in Atlanta? Look no further than Dr. Stanley Angus, MD of Atlanta Women’s Specialists. Dr. Stanley Angus has more than 13 years of experience as a physician and has been a partner at AWS for over a decade.

Dr. Angus always knew he would be a doctor, but he found a practice that fit him perfectly in 2007 when he joined AWS. A practice style and philosophy that centers around the goal of healthy moms and babies is what drew Dr. Angus to AWS, and he’s proud to be part of the unique team of physicians who pitch in and help one another.

Dr. Angus also appreciates AWS’s commitment to communication between physicians and patients. AWS makes it easy for patients for email Dr. Angus and receive their lab results online.

“Keeping in contact with patients between visits provides comfort,” Dr. Angus said. “And it means they don’t have to call or come in when they don’t have the time.”

Despite growing up in a household full of women, Dr. Angus did not discover his passion for being an Ob/Gyn specialist until attending medical school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where he proved to have a knack for working with and relating to female patients.

Before medical school, Dr. Angus received his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland. He completed his residency just outside of Philadelphia at Lehigh Valley Hospital. Dr. Angus’ current hospital affiliation is with Northside Hospital, giving patients access to the most preferred hospital in Atlanta.

With locations in Meridian Mark (Atlanta) and Alpharetta, Ga., AWS is here to provide the highest quality of healthcare for women. Receive better physician-patient connection and better care by making an appointment with AWS today. Contact the Meridian Mark office at (404) 252-5196 or the Alpharetta office at (770) 667-7440.